Jens Kuerschner

I am an...
I am an...

Experienced End-to-End Product/Program/Engineering Manager and Executive (B2C and B2B).

Full-Stack Developer from Web to Big Data, AI, and more. Agile Coach. SCRUM Master.

Recognized Consumer Behavior and Marketing Expert. Creative Mind and Web-Designer.

Strong Leadership and Management/Business/Strategy Experience (Startup and Corporate).

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My Story...
Some facts about myself:
My strongest skill and Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is actually combining strong expertise in really all digital product and business matters.

Business Strategy

  • Led a digital product, transformation, and strategy division at a leading international corporation.
  • Consulted many other corporates (from financial services to construction business) on digital strategy with a focus on product and technology.


  • Inspired and managed teams (directly and indirectly) of all sizes: 2 to 60 people.
  • Successfully built up, scaled, and led the digital product department at Springer Nature Munich and many more.


  • Founded 2 tech startups (one funded by CHECK24, one bootstrapped) (deep tech and marketplace).
  • Founded multiple low-tech companies and digital corporate ventures.

Project Management

  • 100+ digital projects so far.
  • Led projects in all kinds of setups: startup, corporate, management consulting, B2B, B2C, B2B2C.

Product Excellence

  • Successfully introduced multiple companies to agile methodologies, design thinking, and more.
  • Built and launched all kinds of services – from websites to SaaS to Apps to marketplaces to AI.


  • Experienced full-stack developer and system architect for 23+ years – yes, I spent my childhood coding.
  • Developed and implemented CI/CD and DevOps workflows at multiple companies.
  • Creator and maintainer of highly successful open source projects.

Marketing & UX

  • Recognized Consumer Behavior and marketing expert.
  • Business Administration M.Sc. with Marketing/UX major (as one of the best in class).
  • Years of experience making sense of data and optimizing user flows.

UI Design

  • Web designer for 18+ years.
  • Familiar with all kinds of design principles and systems (e.g. Material Design, Fluent Design, Atomic Design, ...).